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Dear film lovers!

As the characters in bad films say: We made it! The Little Europe Film Festival will celebrate its second birthday this year. And (not only) because from the very beginning, the festival has been organised by a predominantly female team, we decided to focus on women this year. We want to explore the theme of the social influence that we as women slowly take back from the once almost unreachable men’s elite clubs. This year’s film selection is full of women who have no choice but to fight with all their might in order to live a dignified life or even survive in the patriarchal society. Whether these women fight for their right to be different or their right to dispose of their bodies as they wish, whether they want to make their childhood dreams come true or they try to ensure social respect by rather drastic methods, they all have one thing in common: they are always trying to question and change the status quo. We believe that all of these women will be forever engraved into your memory and that their life stories will strengthen your loyalty to our festival. All hail to women and films!


Come and join us for the screenings which will take place in the Toldi Cinema between 7 and 9 May 2024!


The Little Europe Festival Team


The Little Europe Festival Team

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